Someone Needs to Sign Jamal Crawford

Now that Melo has moved on to Portland, Jamal Crawford is just sitting at home, having dreams of his 50 point game last season. It blows my mind that someone performing like this last season can’t find a spot on a roster.

JCrossover outscores just about every bench in the league and still no one will take the poor kid. Just put him on the damn bench and let him drop a 50 piece every now and then. He’s still got some basketball left in him and he someone needs to let him shock the world.

Point is, we’re 5 weeks deep into the NBA, some teams are looking for scorers, and there’s a BUCKET just sitting at home. I love watching him play so someone needs to pick him up and entertain me.

Watch this highlight tape and explain to me how this kid’s not on a team balling out right now.

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